My Life - Live The Life You Deserve Now
Ever wondered how you could achieve success in relationships and be genuinely happy and feel free with a deep sense of fulfilment?  It is possible for you to do it right now with My-Life skills.  The services on offer to you are:
  • Anger Elimination
  • Building up Confidence skills and raising Self esteem
  • Dating and Relationship advice
  • How to have Emotional Freedom
  • Overcoming fears and limiting beliefs
  • Overcoming Depression and Stress
  • Power of living in the present moment
  • Relationship coaching to re-connect to all your relationships; personal (you, your family and friends) and professional (colleagues/peers, subordinates and managers/leaders)
  • Self awareness
  • Stop feeling like a victim to life and circumstances learn how to take control of your life
  • Stress management
  • Successful marital relationship, know how to keep the relationship alive and happy everyday
Life is easy with My Life-Maleka
Empty Streets
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