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Based on real life experiences from a whole life time and 8 years of tried and tested techniques are on offer to My Life clients, to deal with the primary wound, the root cause of all unhappiness and to empower you to live a life of complete happiness.

Your needs are the utmost importance and I will help you achieve them. I am committed to meeting those needs and will guide and support you to a life of genuine happiness. 
I believe in making the difference for you.  I believe in helping you, to discover the truth and helping you to take responsibility for your own happiness and to find the single most important thing that will heal you and change your life.

You will be able to move forward from where you are where you want to be and feel genuine peace and happiness with a sense of fulfilment.
You will achieve higher awareness and have the ability to see all your choices with greater clarity and feel confident to make decisions that will serve you. 
You will have space to explore your fears and strengths – safely and be free from pain and fear.

You will be listened to with impartiality and non-judgementally and feel cared about.

I would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best, to enable you to accomplish the impossible.
Here's what one client had to say:
"Over 2years I had tried to deal with our retirement and my relationships.  My son having a divorce and moving in with us, dealing with a relationship with his new girlfriend and her son, trying to talk to our grandchildren and watching them having to come to terms with their mum and dad not together anymore and them accepting my sons new girlfriend.
I had tried reading books about anxiety and depression but found although they gave advice it was difficult to understand and put into practice without being able to discuss it with someone.
After only the first session with Maleka I started to feel a bit better about myself and understood what she was telling me to do.
After the second session I found I was not crying so much, I could look in the mirror again and felt so much better in myself.
After the third session I was much stronger and actually stood up for myself in a couple of situations and still remained calm which made me feel absolutely wonderful. My relationship with my husband improved tremendously and he said he could not believe how I had changed in only three sessions.
I am still continuing to see Maleka and although we only have a small income it is definitely money well spent as I already feel that I am almost at the top of the ladder and able to cope on my own.
Maleka has brought sunshine and light into my world that I have never had in all my life and I thank her for doing this from the bottom of my heart.

About Maleka 

My genuine wish is for you to know that I am here for you, caring about you and your happiness and only want what is best for you. 
My Life has been an interesting journey, full of trauma, drama with some harrowing experiences along the way, to NOW complete happiness.  

I can honestly say that I have now at last found what I was truly destined to do: TO HELP OTHERS. I am passionate about what I can do for you and believe in making the difference to your life.

I now know that I have to live this phase of my life in a way that truly resonates with me, my beliefs, my values and what matters to me most; that is to help others however I can.

First and foremost I had to learn to take responsibility for my own happiness and change my life completely first, before I could serve you.  

I had suffered with abuse throughout my childhood and into my adult life.  I had struggled with being bullied at school and at work. I had to overcome domestic violence in my marriage and various unexplained and debilitating illnesses and cancer too.  

All of this had quiet an effect on me emotionally, psychologically and physically and I had suffered with severe depression, anxiety and stress.  

I had absolutely zero confidence and no self-esteem.  I hated everything about me, from the way I looked, the colour of skin, my size and height to the sound of my voice.  It got to a stage I couldn't speak at all and I lived in constant fear all the time.  I believed myself to be the ugliest thing in the world and totally useless.  Because it was what I had been told growing up by my mother. I was easy prey to those who were inclined to abusing others. 

I had gone through years of medication, counselling and various therapies which had only helped a little but did not treat the root cause.  The medication had actually made me suicidal.  

As a result of being controlled by my abusive ex husband I had got completely isolated and in 2006 I had absolutely no one in my life. I only had the Samaritans calling me three times a day to make sure I was still alive, getting up in the morning, eating and doing things to get me through the days.  I was in so much excruciating severe pain I could not function at all.

I should not be alive today because I was supposed to have died at age 5 and then my ex husband had tried to kill me at age 36.

Basically how I changed my life... was by first learning about and finding unconditional love and then having self respect: for myself, my needs and wants through self awareness.  Secondly setting and trusting my boundaries on what I will tolerate and what I wouldn't. Thirdly choosing my words carefully that inspires others to change their perspectives and their perceptions of life and themselves in a more positive way. Fourth losing expectations and fears and allowing myself to be surprised with life and my relationships.  And lastly not comparing myself to others or worrying about what others think of me.  That is my success to complete happiness to live the life I deserve, the life of my dreams now

My life experiences enable me to empathise with my clients very easily, having gone through so much pain in my past, which makes it real easy for them to connect to me and know that there is light at the end of the tunnel and they too can change their lives in a matter of weeks.  I went through 46 years of pain in order for my clients now to not go through all the trials and tribulations that I went through to be happy.  

I encourage people to have faith, courage and confidence in their abilities to empower themselves to change their lives.  I am devoted to helping others achieve their full potential.

I'm sure you have had an interesting life too, maybe you will tell me all about it, (rest assured it will be in complete confidence, you'll enjoy the experience and be amazed with the results).  I am here to empower you to live the life you deserve now!

I can assure you that the journey of self discovery will be a powerful one to you too.  Let me help you discover your magic and develop you in ways that you never thought would be possible.

What you may have thought as impossible is actually very possible.

If you would like to know more, please contact me for confidential 1-2-1 coaching sessions or come along to one of my workshops and events, to help you heal naturally and be free from emotional pain.
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